What is roomiesconnect?

Roomies Connect is an online platform which connects you with the best flatmates, Housemates, and Apartments in the city. We help you find awesome flatmates that suit your lifestyle.

How do I Sign up?

Visit ,
Click on the "Get Started" or "Sign Up" Buttons,
Fill the Necessary details and send. You will get an Email in your "inbox" or "Spam" folder. If found in "Spam" folder, mark the message as "not spam" so our messages deliver to your "Inbox" in the future.
Click on "Confirm email" to confirm the creation of an account on the platform.
You can now "Sign in" with your details to enjoy The Best of What we have to offer.

Can I make my Profile Private?

Yes, you can! You can do that on your "My Account" page. However, this means your profile and apartment listings will not appear on the "People and apartments" page on the home page. Only signed in users can see your profile and listings

Why Do I have to complete my profile before using the website?

Yes, You Do!, Completing your profile helps others discover you. If you'll be sharing living space with potential Flatmates, the least one could ask for is to see their faces.
You can only access other parts of the platform when you have completed your profile and uploaded a display picture.

How do I get a room?

On your leftward Dashboard Menu, Click on "Find a Room" and it takes you to all the rooms in different apartments listed by Hosts. You can also search by different criteria and parameters that are important to you.

I have a spare room, I'm looking for a flatmate. What do I do?

Click on "List a Room" to add your accommodation offering to the platform where other users can view and pay to be Hosted by you. This can help you subsidize your rent.

How do you verify Users, Hosts, and Apartments?

Amongst all others, We request for Multiple Government issued forms of identification, different social media account pages, rent receipts, and utility bills etc.

Is Verification Compulsory?

Verification is not compulsory on this platform. Nevertheless, we encourage Guests to book accommodations from Verified Hosts only, and Also Encourage Hosts to Get their Apartments Verified. We Believe strongly in Building Trust, Hence the Verification Process.

Can I chat with potential Flatmates?

Definitely! You can click on "Lets Chat" on anyone's profile to send them a message. You can also Click on "Messages" on the Leftward menu to view all your messages in one place.

Do you Have RoomiesConnect Guaranteed Apartments?

Yes, We do! It is Called "Cluster". Click on "Cluster" on the leftward menu option to see all the Guaranteed Apartments in our care we Have available in your preferred City

Can I try out the Apartment first?

Of Course, You can! We have an escrow system that ensures your payment is safe until you move in and are satisfied with the accommodation. For more information kindly click on the "i" icon on your "My Account" page of your dashboard.

How do I pay?

If you will be paying your Host Through, which means you opt to use our escrow payment system. The only form of payment we accept is Card payment, and it is Secured by PayStack.

How do i Get paid as a Host for my listed room?

Go to "My Account" on your Dashboard and fill in your Bank details. The Account details provided is where your money will be paid into.

Is my Money secure?

Yes, Your Money is Safe both as a Guest and as a Host Through our Escrow System. Also, our payment system is secured by Paystack, one of Africas most secure gateway systems.

What is Flat sharing?

A flat share is where two or more people live in a property together. Each person usually has their own bedroom. Where the property is a house the term is usually house share (although flats share is often used for both).

Why Should I share a room/flat?

Sharing is usually cheaper than renting your own place for individual use. If you live in a 1 bedroom flat you still need a bathroom, kitchen and living room. Effectively, Flat Sharing helps you get Higher Quality Facilities and Amenities split over the number and cost of the other extra rooms.
By sharing, it's often possible to live in a better property or in a better area than you could afford otherwise. The cost per room reduces drastically the more rooms are in an apartment.
Flat Sharing is a great way to live. The social benefits of sharing can be of real Personal and Psychological advantage.

Isn't it quite risky?

As with any form of shared accommodation, there are always risks. However, with the Roomiesconnect platform, it's easier to narrow down to where you want to live and who you want to live with.
We also go to great lengths to check listings to filter out questionable Hosts. We employ real people to check the content of Host listings.
Our Goal is to ensure your safety as best as we can and give you peace of mind while hunting for where to stay.

How do I get verified?

To get verified as a trusted user, you'll have to upload a valid ID that matches your profile picture. Uploads will then be reviewed before you are verified.
Valid IDs: Driver's license, International Passport, Voter's card, or any other Government issued ID card.

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